Calling out Porzingis on home turf spelled end for the Zen Hen

New York

Had Phil Jackson not suggested Kristaps Porzingis was available if a trade wind blew him away, if not for publicly stating it more than once, the last on Madison Square Garden Network, of all places, the Zen Hen would still be president of the Knicks, I assert with complete certainty.

Airing his annoyance at KP for the utter contempt demonstrated by not showing up for his exit interview was understandable, I submit. Especially since KP’s disrespect served to intensify the dysfunction that troubled him enough to have the consummate gall to boycott his boss.

The fact Porzingis’ flagrant contempt didn’t earn him more than a mild admonishment (I’m being generous), by anyone in the local media, was less of an endorsement of the franchise favorite, than it was an indictment of Jackson.

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