Exclusive – Lakers probed for tampering with Paul George after Pacers file formal complaint

New York
Shortly — and I mean a matter of not all that many minutes — after the NBA’s free agent hunting season commenced, midnight, July 1, it was incontrovertibly clear the woods were crammed with cheaters.
In no time, seepage from agents and teams concerning commitments and financial understandings was flashing on a glut of media twitter accounts. The consenting deal makers couldn’t wait to brag ‘anonymously’ about their haul, staggering money or coveted talent. And they didn’t vaguely care to conceal the impossibility arrangements of such proportion could be arrived at within a jiffy in a single chat room.
How come the NBA doesn’t stop agents and teams from blatantly breaking the rules, I asked an executive no longer in the league a couple days into the free agent feeding
Full column available at: patreon.com/petervecsey

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