Big scoop in the works, how Knicks tried to boost McGinnis, the time Chocolate Thunder destroyed my typewriter

New York

What does a journalist do when an unshakable source swears the extraordinary story he revealed to you two weeks ago, is “100 percent accurate”… though many moons away from occurring … yet is unwilling to provide any additional pertinent details?

Cause a volatile commotion by going with it as insufficiently presented, knowing it’ll subject you to prolonged scathing admonition? Or hold off and covertly research the shit out it in an effort to secure confirmation, thus taking a chance ESPN’s regiment of reporters luck into it.

If you know me at all, you know how hot to trot I am, how badly I want to bust this nut, how tempted I am to cut the corner and detonate the explosive. But I promised myself when I un-retired to write this column, I would combat such unruliness, even at the risk of blowing an exclusive on par with my ultimate all-time:

Full column available at:

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