Success rate of high schoolers going straight to pros much greater than many believe

New York
This column is easily 10-15 years overdue.
Think about it; during that span, much longer, probably, how many times have you heard someone profess with authority, or read unswerving testimony from a witness impersonating an expert, that for every high school player who fruitfully transitioned to the NBA and ABA there was an abject flop?
I am a long time, big time fan of Philadelphia columnist Bob Ford. Let’s establish that from the jump. He is always an enjoyable, passionate, creative read, as evidenced by last week’s take on the stench emanating from the latest college basketball scandal.
However, like hundreds of past imperfect observers of the sport, with hundreds guaranteed to follow, no matter what proof I present below to the contrary, Ford flagrantly falsified some effortlessly obtainable facts. Well, not all are overt, as you’ll come to understand.
Full column available at:

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