Jordan rules don’t apply for Portis; Simmons truly something special

New York
My highlight of this young season occurred moments after the Cavaliers beat the Celtics in the opener. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving embraced and exchanged insincerities. While doing so, Kyrie, demonstrating he considering himself LeBron’s equal, rubbed the head of James, well-known for rubbing the heads of students and young players he’d just schooled. LeBron got the message five-by-five, and, in turn, rubbed Kyrie’s head. Before they disengaged, Kyrie rubbed LeBron’s head one last time.
I find it fascinating the Bulls suspended Bobby Portis eight games for punching Nikola Mirotic during their practice conflict. Funny, I don’t recall Michael Jordan getting so much as being sentenced to Phil Jackson’s Time Out chair for blackening Steve Kerr’s right eye during a practice skirmish.
Column castigator Frank Drucker decided Sunday and Monday were the Knick franchise’s two best back-to-back days since the two before Charles Dolan said to Gulf & Western, “Hey, my kid needs something to do.”
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